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Thinnai hotel Jaffna

Nestled within the tropical milieu of palm lined streets and sunny smiles, The Thinnai imbues age-old hospitality and warmth, steeped within a bastion of exotic art, culture, tradition and architecture.

Just two kilometers from the busy vibes of Jaffna town, the unspoiled untouched beauty inherent and unique to Jaffna lies at the core of these cosy Suites immersed in tranquility and serenity.

Imaginatively resembling the distinctive ‘Thinnai’ homes of Jaffna, The Thinnai is designed to emulate terraced homes which naturally prompts the mindset of warm hospitality where rest, relaxation and rejuvenation are imperatives.
The Thinnai encapsulates the uniqueness of Jaffna’s architecture, its artistic legacies and cultural influences within its portals, while retaining an abstract contemporary feel.

Add a well trained hospitality team into the equation and The Thinnai presents a perfect getaway for families, friends or even individuals, welcoming the quietude and understated elegance the Suites have within

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