BOC Travels is a State of the Art IATA Travel Organization. It offers a full range of travel services for all clients.
  • Instant Access to Airline Information & Availability of Seats
  • Customized Holiday Packages
  • Personalized Inbound Tour Packages
  • Dambadiva pilgrimage tours
  • Travel Insurance and Foreign Exchange Services
  • Assistance in obtaining visas
  • Itinerary planning
  • Timely issuance of all travel documents including ticketing
  • Fully Fledged Extensive Branch Network
  • World Wide Hotel Reservations & Transfers
B.O.C Travels fully computerized with the Galileo Reservation System and all ticket issues are automated. This gives them direct access to the global computerized system of Air Line reservations.

Website & eMail


1st floor,
BOC Super Grade Branch
Hospital Road, Jaffna.


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